What’s Da 411?

B.A.R.T® is a musician, designer, artist, and entrepreneur from Southern California (San Diego, South Central LA). Fiercely independent and pro self-ownership, his artistic endeavors extend from music through fashion, technology, and beyond.

This independent streak extends to being a solo world traveler who has experienced many different cultures and creative scenes. Absorbing vibes and creating connections whilst living and traveling in places such as Sweden, London, India, Sydney, and many parts of S.E Asia. These worldly experiences reflected in his creativity, bring a unique set of perspectives and influences to his art.

Rooted in Hip Hop and modern rap aesthetic and sound palette, his music and fashion reference diverse global influences from Japanese Anime (particularly Dragon Ball-Z), Alt-RnB, digital realism, alternative culture, and anime influenced clothing.

The music explores and reflects on the spectrum of human emotion, fearless in it’s vulnerability whilst showcasing the deeper and more complex emotions that life throws at you, all over hard hitting bridge gaping beats. 

B.A.R.T® has helped A&R, write and produce songs for several prominent artists, and directed/produced several hit music videos. He has also contributed to street movements, like the Krump dance scene.

B.A.R.T® is a true creative and entrepreneur with an acute eye for detail, always refusing to limit himself and contain his creativity. Alongside music his art fashion brands B.A.R.T DA LABEL® and B.A.R.T’s WAREHOUSE are ready to disrupt the fashion world with his unique perspectives.